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The Scottish Port that Jots Out Into the Sea

hotels in troon try to get their customers as much seaside view from their hotel room windows as possible for obvious reasons. It's the best way to get them to come back. There's nothing like the sands and the deep blue sea to mesmerise a couple on their honeymoon or a growing family on a quest to shock and awe their hyperactive children.

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Hotels in Troon and Everything Nice

Anywhere else in the world, businesses are sure to capitalise on the pristine view of the ocean as an irresistible come on for tourism. Nassau, Bahamas and Varadero, Cuba are just two more examples. And although what tourists are looking for are the same sands and blue waters combo, no two beaches are exactly alike.

There are always some formations that are unique or set a beach apart from the rest like the sugar-fine white sands of Boracay in the Philippines or the pink hue of the Caribbean sands that are visible even from the International Space Station. The flip side of nature's originality is the availability of cheap hotel rates during the off season. No wonder seasoned travellers are known to take advantage of this phenomenon whenever possible.

It's not always easy to adjust one's vacation to suit reduced travel and lodging fares. However, with careful planning, the average busy mum usually finds a way in a manner that only God knows. This is where a woman's instinct never fails.

The White Sands Trivia of Our Time

For example, Dana Wilson Broccoli is widely credited for picking Scottish legend Sean Connery as the first James Bond. Strangely enough, Dana's daughter, Barbara would handpick Daniel Craig in 2005, demonstrating an intuitive ability that would raise the bar for the 007 franchise to a staggering USD $9 billion. For Connery, living in the Bahamas for the rest of his life and enjoying the sun, sea and the wildlife on a 24/7 basis was a fitting reward for a star-studded career.

The Karma of Global Warming

Obviously, not only ordinary mortals but the Gods themselves are never immune to King Poseidon's kingdom. But like another legend goes, the sea ultimately swallows up those who don't know how to care for the waters and other gifts of nature. Atlantis and Troy--the remains of the later only recently unveiled by National Geographic--are just a few examples that come to mind.

A new visitor to Nassau is quick to find out just how careful the locals are with keeping their country spic and span. You literally wouldn't find a single little piece of rubbish from the time you land at the airport. It's a lesson for us all.