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Resort hotels and campgrounds; hiking trails and shopping centers...learn what the Pine Tree State has to offer from the personal experiences of those who love Maine. Join the community, and welcome aboard Best Maine Vacation!

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This is where you'll find unbiased advice, personal recommendations, and hand-picked suggestions for exploring and discovering the real, authentic Maine. Whether you're an armchair traveler, a first time visitor, a long-time summer resident, or a Maine native, you'll find something new to discover.

We are proud to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you plan your Maine vacation. Maine offers a huge variety of things to do in all four seasons. From the majestic mountains and lakes to the rocky shores of the Atlantic, there is something for everyone in this beautiful state.

Winter offers skiing at some of the best resorts in New England, as well as many miles of well-groomed snowmobile trails. In the summer, the many lakes offer a variety of places to swim, fish, and boat. Maine is also well-known for its spectacular foliage in the fall, and hiking is fun to do in fall, summer, and spring.

There are many interesting shopping centers that can be accessed year-round, and a multitude of restaurants offering delicious Maine food. Nobody should leave Maine without sampling a Maine lobster! Maine is the ultimate vacation experience. It is, after all, “the way life should be!”

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The Maine Difference

The minute you step foot into Maine you immediately notice there's a drastic difference between Maine and any other state. The difference is the laid-back beauty, rustic charm and the simple elegance, which shines and makes a bright impact any visitor who enters our beautiful state. Maine offers an abundance of natural resources for us to enjoy, from spectacular views of fall to the majestic, white,  snow-covered mountains of the Highlands-- Maine is the place to be in any season. Maine receives over 16 million visitors a year, which stands as a testament to its allure. Our state stands for peaceful seclusion and the pure beauty of nature that it encompasses. On Maine's scenic highways you won't find billboards or advertisements on the sides of the road-- you'll simply see the splendid magnificence of Maine.

We provide unbiased, based-on-experience, authentic recommendations for the best places in Maine, we invite you to to share your Best Maine Vacation experiences. Are you just back from a Maine vacation and want to post a review of a hotel, restaurant or attraction that we should all know about... good or bad? Or, do you just have a great story to share? Share your reviews and recommendations on our Contribute page.

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We are passionate about Maine. We love our State and everything it has to offer. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to plan the perfect getaway--to relax, to reconnect, to rejuvenate--and, ultimately, to create memories you will always cherish.

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